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What is CL-Talon


Simpler and Faster Cladding Installation that Meets Vital Performance Requirements.

CL-Talon is a revolutionary cladding support system, fabricated with aligning measurements integrated into the system elements that dramatically reduce installation time and errors, lowering the cost and raising the quality of cladding applications. The superior thermal break performance of CL-Talon Polyamide Clips, increase building energy-efficiency, lowering operating costs and potentially contributing to LEED certification.

CL-Talon meets vital performance requirements:

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CL-Talon®  300 system

Clear Aluminum

Black Anodized also available

CL-Talon offers exceptional solutions at competitive prices and outstanding performance.

CL-Talon Exceed expectations making possible to meet time goals, reducing costs and accomplishing green leed:

- Reducing the amount of elements and materials commonly used in construction.

- Developing a new  accurate and safe way to measure and level.

- Designed with recyclable materials.

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CL-Talon Attributes

- Continuous Insulation

- High Thermal Performance

- Fire rating

- Engineering Services

The use of continuous insulation is often required to meet the increasingly stringent U-values for opaque wall assemblies mandated by today’s energy codes. However, the traditional means of mounting cladding create significant thermal bridges that significantly impacts the value of the added continuous insulation. The polyamide clip of the CL-Talon 300 minimize the thermal bridging and provides optimum performance for the continuous insulation.

Fire rating. With the increasing scrutiny of the combustibility of cladding assemblies, cladding attachment systems with minor combustible components like thermal breaks or non-metal clips are expected to demonstrate performance under the likes of the NFPA 285 test.  The polyamide clip of the CL-Talon 300 has been tested to NFPA 285 with foam insulation to demonstrate its ability to perform with either foam insulation or mineral wool.

Engineering Services. Cladding attachment systems must be designed to accommodate increasing loads as the cladding is cantilevered further off the base structure to allow for the increasing thickness of continuous insulation. The CL-Talon systems come with full engineering services to provide customers with project specific engineering calculations packages and shop drawings under the seal of a registered engineer.

Exceptional Products are Needed for Exceptional Results

Designed for Healthy Buildings

U.S. Green Building Council Silver Member

CL-Talon is a cladding support system aimed at increasing the building’s exterior envelope energy efficiency, minimizing the long term cradle to grave environmental impact of its systems and reducing the time and complexity regarding installation of cladding. All CL-Talon components are fabricated from high quality lightweight recycled material, while still providing a high strength, lightweight and durable product.

CL-Talon is a U.S Green Building Council Member engineered with responsibility toward the environment.

High Thermal Efficiency due to the Fiber Reinforced CL-Talon Polyamide Clips.

Excellent Thermal Performance

CL-Talon Polyamide Clip Provides High-performance thermal break to control thermal leakage through continuous insulation systems.

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Fiber Reinforced Polyamide  Clips, Engineered for Thermal Efficiency.

Strong polyamide clip creates air space, essential to performance of rain-screen cladding, and to create space for continuous insulation.

Because of the Polyamide Clips length between the exterior wall and the cladding, it can creates a very high thermal performance.

Sustainable Design with Self-Integrated Measures Marks on Components Allowing a Fast Installation Progress


Integrated Measures

For safe leveling.

- Comfortable and Carry it at your pocket.

- Level and measure now can be done without effort or risk of hurting others while working.

- The integrated measurements inscribed on the track makes clip location fast and precise, creating the substructure for a level, plumb, and secure cladding installation.

- Easy to align and level using the CLT leveling device.

- Can be installed vertically, horizontally or in combination, while maintaining precise level and plumb throughout system.

Black Anodized

Clear Aluminum

Wall Mount t-track

Grooves interlock with wall mount supports for a stronger assembly

Easily create level and plumb mounting structure for cladding.

Uneven substrate are part of the construction tolerance a cladding attachment system must accommodate. The C-Talon system is designed to provide the installer the flexibility to adjust the installation to accommodate for both vertical and horizontal tolerance.

 The mounting track allows the polyamide bracket to be mounted to accommodate vertical tolerances and the continuous rail is slotted into the polyamide bracket. Multiple screw holes in the bracket  accommodate out of plane tolerances. The integral scale on the surface of the mounting track and rail facilitate accurate measurements and the optional level that can be mounted to the system helps to ensure installation is level and plum.

Black Anodized

Clear Aluminum

Cost Effective Due to Standardized Elements

6" Clear Aluminum

Wall Mount Support

Provides more versatile fastening surface.

Available in 3" and 6" lengths.

- Provides cladding-mounting surface between T-Tracks.

- Can be used with all types of cladding.


CL-Talon allows vertical and horizontal leveling, offering wider and customizable surface for fastener installation.

Air Rights

CL-Talon accommodates vertical and horizontal alignment, which a very important value for big cities where the air right is limited.

3" Black Anodized

Leveling was never so easy

For fast and safe level and plumb installation.

CL-Talon Leveling Device

CL-Talon Systems

All aluminum components available in either clear aluminum or black anodized finish. Aluminum and polyamide parts are recyclable at the end of service life.


Our lightest-weight system for interior applications and exteriors where continuous insulation and thermal break are not required.


Thermally-isolated, high-performance system for exterior use with continuous insulation.


Non-insulated system for easy removal and replacement of cladding without rebuilding entire support system. Recommended to use where access to substrate is required.

Why to Choose CL-Talon

With CL-Talon Cladding installation can be settled  more quickly, accurately and securely than ever before.

Traditional cladding supports are not a system, but a pastiche of a wide variety of parts requiring a slow, labor intensive pre-installation process prone to inaccuracy and human error.

CL-Talon systems are the result of re-design cladding installation to make it more accurate, simpler, faster, and more affordable. With parts mated by design, integrated aligning measurements, and a system specific leveling device.

CL-Talon systems are environmentally responsible. CL-Talon 300 is specifically designed to improve the energy performance of buildings. All three CL-Talon systems are engineered from recyclable materials, aluminum and polyamide, joined with approved stainless steel fasteners. Use of CL-Talon systems may contribute to credits for energy efficiency and recycled / recyclable materials in LEED or other green certification systems.

NFPA 285

Fire Resistance

NFPA 285: PASS. Standard Fire Test Method. In wall assembly with aluminum composite material ACM cladding.

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Miami-Dade County

In Progress.

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Wind / Pressure Resistance

Exceeded 150 PSF positive (242 MPH), and 135 PSF negative (230 MPH).

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Gravity Load Tested

Gravity load tested system held a 61.4 PSF load (equivalent weight to a 5" thick concrete panel).

How Cl-Talon Works

According to facades specialists CL-Talon meets the requirements to be implemented as the future cladding support standard.

Cladding support systems should be engineered for precision, thermal value, R value and also should add outstanding performance.  Allowing to accomplish high quality plumbing finishing facades. CL-Talon captures beyond. Simply fascinating.



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