Discover all the Benefits

Designed to reduce the negative impacts on nature.

High energy-efficient cladding support system compatible with continuous insulation.

Quality-tested. Exceeded all aspect ASTM E330, NFPA 285 and Gravity Load.

Allows vertical and horizontal installation with zero sightline.

Efficient thermal breaker that spans through the insulation layer.

Can be used with all types of panels.


Reduced Impact on the Environment

Fabricated from high-quality recycled materials.

Light-weight materials and modular design and packaging reduce shipping impact.

Reduced waste material.


Simple, Fast and Modular Design

Eliminates need for parts customization.

Reduced Installation time and errors.

Reduced material waste.

Adjustments made fast and easy.

Long-term performance

Strong, durable and reliable cladding support

Increased energy efficiency of the exterior building envelope.

Reduced energy load for heating and cooling the building.

Produces a more comfortable interior environment.

Customer Benefits


Environmentally friendly.

Versatile design suitable for various cladding applications.

Modularity based on standard construction dimensions.

Tested and documented performance:

ASTM E 330, NFPA 285, Gravity Load.



Structurally secure, enhances structural stability of building facade.

Improves energy-efficiency of building.

Provides better support structure for consistent, even cladding installation.



Produces high-quality sub-strate for any cladding system.

Reduces installation time.

Reduces jobsite waste.

Easy adjustment results in cleaner, more consistent cladding surface.

Improves Structural Integrity of the entire construction facade.



Simple, Fast and Easy to Install.

Lightweight construction eases installation.

Eliminates customization.



Reduced costs for heating and cooling.

Improves occupant comfort.

Improved exterior noise reduction.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

CL-Talon is an innovative and forward product aimed at maximizing the energy efficiency of exterior building envelopes.  It creates an effective  thermal break between the exterior cladding and the building, minimizing thermal bridging and heat transfer and maximizing the effectiveness of continuous insulation.  It reduces the energy load and the cost of heating and cooling the building, improving the overall thermal resilience of the exterior envelope.

Eliminate Time Waste

The CL-Talon Cladding Support System is designed to be directly compatible with standard construction industry dimensions and spacings, eliminating the waste of time and materials associated with customizing conventional cladding support elements. With its adaptable design, CL-Talon is able to manage any imperfections of the substrate surface, providing a true, level, plumb and square support for cladding installation.

High Quality Recycled Materials

Components of the CL-Talon system are fabricated from high quality recycled materials, minimizing the long- term cradle- to- grave environmental impact of the product, while still providing an extremely high strength, lightweight and durable support system. This strategy reduces overall material consumption  as well as environmental impacts related to shipping.

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