Thermally-isolated, high-performance system for exterior use with continuous insulation.

CL-Talon 300 Clear Aluminum | Wall Assembly

CL-Talon 300 Clear Aluminum | Exploded

CL-Talon 300 Black Anodized | Wall Assembly


Therme Clip

CL-Talon Therme Clip Provides High-performance thermal break to control thermal leakage through continuous insulation systems. Strong Therme clip creates air space, essential to performance of rain-screen cladding, and to create space for continuous insulation.

Because of the Therme Clips length between the exterior wall and the cladding, it can creates a very high thermal performance.

Fiber Reinforced Therme  Clips, Engineered for Thermal Efficiency.

Wall Base Track

The integrated measurements inscribed on the track makes clip location fast and precise, creating the substructure for a level, plumb, and secure cladding installation.

Can be installed vertically, horizontally or in combination, while maintaining precise level and plumb throughout system and enhance the structural stability of the building.

CL-Talon Allows Zero sightline concept, Where the face of the vertical and horizontal components on the same plane (Not setback).

CL-Talon allows vertical and horizontal leveling, offering wider and customizable surface for fastener installation.

Wall Mount T-Track

Easily create level and plumb mounting structure for cladding.

Uneven substrates are part of the construction tolerance a cladding attachment system must accommodate. The C-Talon system is designed to provide the installer the flexibility to adjust the installation to accommodate for both vertical and horizontal tolerance.

The mounting track allows the Therme Clip to be mounted to accommodate vertical tolerances and the continuous Wall Mount T-Track is slotted into the Therme Clip. Multiple screw holes in the Therme Clip  accommodate out of plane tolerances. The integral scale on the surface of the Base Track, Wall Mount T-Track and Wall Mount Support facilitate accurate measurements and the CL-Talon Leveling Device that can be mounted to the system helps to ensure installation is level and plumb.

CLT Leveling Device

Easy to align and level using the Leveling Device.

Level and measure now can be done without effort or risk of accidents while working.

Wall Mount Support

Available in 3" and 6" lengths.

Provides more versatile fastening surface.


Can be installed vertically, horizontally or in combination, while maintaining precise level and plumb throughout system.

Provides cladding-mounting surface between T-Tracks.

Can be used with all types of cladding.

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