Therme Clips

Therme clip creates air space, essential to performance of rainscreen cladding and for continuous insulation

Efficient thermal breaking is achieved by CL-Talon’s Therme Clip, the support element that spans through the insulation layer.   Therme Clips are made of polyamide, a material with thermal conductivity of 0.25 (W/m K).  A thermal analysis of the CL-Talon 300 system was performed by Morrison Hershfield using a wall assembly with an empty steel stud backup wall, varying thicknesses of continuous insulation (2”, 3” and 4” mineral wool), and Therme Clips spacings at 24”, 36” and 48.”  The wall system achieved higher effective R-values than the insulation’s nominal R-value in every configuration.   With 4” insulation and 48”o.c. Therme Clip spacing, the system reached 91% effectiveness vs. a thermally-bridged assembly.

Available in 4", 6". The lenght can be customized according with customer preferences.

Discover More Benefits

Designed to reduce the negative impacts on nature.

High energy-efficient cladding support system compatible with continuous insulation.

Quality-tested. Exceeded all aspect ASTM E330, NFPA 285 and Gravity Load.

Allows vertical and horizontal installation with zero sightline.

Efficient thermal breaker that spans through the insulation layer.

Can be used with all types of panels.

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