Discover all Benefits

High energy-efficient cladding support system compatible with continuous insulation.

Designed to reduce the negative impacts on nature.

Quality-tested. Exceeded all aspect ASTM E330, NFPA 285 and Gravity Load.

Allows vertical and horizontal installation with zero sightline.

Efficient thermal breaker that spans through the insulation layer.

Work with all types of claddings.


Reduced Impact on the Environment

Fabricated from high-quality recycled materials.

Light-weight materials and modular design and packaging reduce shipping impact.

Reduced waste material.


Simple, Fast and Modular Design

Eliminates need for parts customization.

Reduced Installation time and errors.

Reduced material waste.

Adjustments made fast and easy.

Long-term performance

Strong, durable and reliable cladding support

Increased energy efficiency of the exterior building envelope.

Reduced energy load for heating and cooling the building.

Produces a more comfortable interior environment.


CL-Talon. The New Generation of Cladding Support Systems