What is CL-Talon?

CL-Talon is a cladding support system that incorporates thermal bridging blockers and foolproof installation guidance to dramatically reduce installation time and errors.


How CL-Talon improves Thermal Performance?

CL-Talon’s Therme Clip feature, when combined with exterior insulation, virtually removes the potential of thermal bridging, which affects most other attachment systems. With no need for additional thermal breaks, and an improve energy performance of up to 91% when compared to other systems.


What is polyamide?

Polyamide is a material with a low thermal conductivity. Polyamides are commonly used in curtain walls and windows industry due to their high durability and strength and thermal blocking capabilities. Therme Clip is made from a low thermally conductive polyamide and provides efficient thermal breaking for the attachment system. The Clip has low thermal conductivity of only 0.25 watts per meter-kelvin (W/m K).


With what types of panels and claddings does CL-Talon work?

It works with all types of cladding, and it is used for interior and exterior applications.


Does this product allow for exterior and interior applications?



Does this product allow for a horizontal installation?

The Wall Support provides a versatile fastening surface that allows for vertical and horizontal installation.


What features of CL-Talon does save time when installation is in process?

The CLT Leveling Device makes aligning and leveling rails a breeze. Installers can use the integrate CLT Leveling Device to easily and safely attach rail systems, all while knowing that the system will be installed perfectly level.


How can CL-Talon save space?

Due to its vertical and horizontal zero sightline connections that reduce the thickness of the system.


How CL-Talon helps with weather changing conditions?

CL-Talon allows expansion and contraction.


Why is CL-Talon important for big city projects?

Maximizes the air rights.


CL-Talon. The New Generation of Cladding Support Systems