Excellent Combination that Provides High Thermal Performance

CL-Talon systems provide optimal thermal performance through their unique combination of exterior insulation and thermal clips, which reduce thermal bridging, and thus reduce the need for additional thermal breaks.

Where other attachment systems rely on rails to be anchored through the substructure and insulation into the building frame, thus creating thermal bridges, CL-Talon’s systems are designed to minimize thermal bridging. The combination of CLT Therme Clips and attachment rails leave room for continuous insulation to be installed in between the base tracks and the clips, and then for the rest of the attachment system to be installed overtop of the insulation. The result is a high-performance system that prevents thermal bridging without requiring extensive thermal breaks.


High Performance System that

Prevents Thermal Bridging

Without Requiring Extensive Thermal Breaks.

Cl-Talon’s Therme Clip creates an air space for continuous insulation to be installed without a thermal bridging. This means that no additional thermal breaks are needed, and it provides optimal rainscreen cladding performance.

CL-Talon’s Therme Clip provides an efficient thermal break for the attachment system. The clip, which is made from a low thermally conductive polyamide, serves as a support element that spans through the insulation layer. Polyamide has low thermal conductivity of only 0.25 watts per meter-kelvin (W/m K).

As a way to verify the thermal efficiency of the CL-Talon system, we had Morrison Hershfield conduct a thermal analysis of our CL-Talon 300 system. The test set-up included a wall assembly with an empty steel stud backup wall, varying thicknesses of continuous insulation (2”, 3”, and 4” mineral wool), and Therme Clips spaced at 24”, 36”, and 48”. The analysis showed that the wall system achieved higher effective R-values than the insulation’s nominal R-value in every configuration. And, with the 4” insulation and 48” on center (o.c.).Therme Clip spacing, the system reached 90% effectiveness when compared to a thermally bridged wall assembly.

Discover all Benefits

High energy-efficient cladding support system compatible with continuous insulation.

Designed to reduce the negative impacts on nature.

Quality-tested. Exceeded all aspect ASTM E330, NFPA 285 and Gravity Load.

Allows vertical and horizontal installation with zero sightline.

Efficient thermal breaker that spans through the insulation layer.

Work with all types of panels.


CL-Talon. The New Generation of Cladding Support Systems

Temperature Profile of CL-Talon 300 Cladding Support System: 4in. Exterior

Insulation isometric view from exterior, interior and plan view through clip.


High Performance System that

Prevents Thermal Bridging

Without Requiring

Extensive Thermal Breaks.