- Vertical and Horizontal Installation with Zero Sightline -

CL-Talon can be installed vertically, horizontally or in combination, while maintaining precise level and plumb throughout system.

CL-Talon Solution

Most cladding attachment systems require time-consuming and costly substructure preparation, rail systems that are difficult to make level and plumb, and workmanship errors.

CL-Talon systems solve these problems with integrated leveling devices and precise measurements on the rails, both of which make installation a foolproof exercise. Installers can quickly and confidently attach the rails knowing that once the panels are clipped in, everything will perfectly fit in place. Moreover, panels can be removed just as easily for times when designers want to reconfigure a façade or swap in different panel types. CL-Talon’s universal system makes staying on trend with panel designs easy.

Discover all Benefits

High energy-efficient cladding support system compatible with continuous insulation.

Designed to reduce the negative impacts on nature.

Quality-tested. Exceeded all aspect ASTM E330, NFPA 285 and Gravity Load.

Allows vertical and horizontal installation with zero sightline.

Efficient thermal breaker that spans through the insulation layer.

Work with all types of panels.


CL-Talon. The New Generation of Cladding Support Systems